New Brexit rules make export/import between UK and EU very difficult / expensive

Dear fellow petrolhead, 
it took me 5 years to develop my business and to build up the right networks to be able to offer you the quality of cars you are used to seeing here. It was a win-win as UK sellers appreciate my help to promote and to provide them with a different route to market. 
Even if not everything is fully confirmed and certainly not put in black and white, it transpires that from now buyers of cars younger than 30 years (from 1991 onwards) in the EU will have to pay their home VAT on top. Classic cars from pre-1990 will still command between 5-12% depending on the country. 
I don’t think that a lot of sellers here in the UK are already aware of it – young-timers and modern cars will therefore no longer be competitive I am afraid. 
I will obviously try to continue with my business and see whether I can find alternatives (RHD oldies to MY & Oz), high value LHD cars to Dubai & USA/CAN but it won’t be the same. 
As you may know I also do a lot of offmarket sourcing and this will continue as usual together with the classic cars… 
Please continue to follow me as you do, I will let you know when something new is coming up…